No Vista Necessary

I’ve been reading quite a few articles on Vista today, Microsoft’s latest operating system, which I’ve yet to switch to. Andy’s Blog clears up a few misconceptions about the Vista delay (it was delayed by 3 years). The article is great, but the first comment by Iain is awesomesauce!

However, I think it’s cost Microsoft a lot more than 3 years and however-much money: I believe it’s cost them revenue, in the form of customers. (Note: I’m not implying people have switched platforms — to what? — however many customers, particularly business ones, are more than content to continue to use XP… that’s essentially lost revenue, at least until either those users switch or MSFT release an OS that businesses DO want to use).

Perhaps part of the problem is that XP SP2 is so damn good (or at least more than adequate) for the average business user… and Vista’s such a jump in many ways.

He hits it on the mark for this consumer. I’m not switching because I’m content with XP. Everything works! Everything is compatible with it. I don’t have to wait for stability and security. Microsoft’s going to have to do better with Vista in order to get me to even consider switching to Vista. I bought my laptop off of EBay because I didn’t want to switch to Vista! There’s just no good reason to switch. And if you mention the graphics as a reason, my response is to check out WindowBlinds and the DeviantArt gallery for WB. Those are all the graphics I need. Or better yet, Google "Vista Transformation Pack".

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