No Flickr For Me

After reading Thomas Hawk’s post about Flickr censoring Rebekka Guðleifsdóttira, I’ve decided not to switch to flickr after all. The whole ordeal is extremely dissappointing and I hope Rebekka will receive some kind of compensation from this unjust and unfair treatment. If I can show some support in any way, please notify me Rebekka. I would be honored to be of support. Yesterday, I spent some time trying to think of a yahoo username and ended up giving up. I’m glad I gave up. I had created a yahoo account a little less than a month ago just to use the yahoo messenger service. However, I logged into my account and went straight to the mail service about two days ago and I’d already attained 23 spam messages. I hadn’t given out the email address and I’d only spoken to one  person using the address. Not cool yahoo! Not cool at all. This led to the deletion of my yahoo account.

As aforementioned, after reading what happened to Rebekka, I’m staying away from flickr overall and staying with Photobucket, whom I must note has provided excellent services to me. Why did I want to switch to flickr? Compatibality reasons.

In other yahoo news, it seems yahoo it’s keeping it’s promise and rolling out unlimited storage, though it seems no one has claimed to have acquired this new addition of space.

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