Nick Halstead Whines For Coverage

showdown First off, let me thank Sarah Perez of Sarah In Tampa, ReadWriteWeb,  and the awesomesauce Grand Effect network for pointing out the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen today.

Sarah Perez pointed out in her post "10 Things I Meant To Blog About" a very good reason NOT to use . Sarah recently published an article entitled "Blog Comments Still Matter" on ReadWriteWeb. The article is great and talks about why negative commentary is so popular, the problems with giving positive feedback, and where you can find said positive feedback.

In the article, Sarah includes some commentary on a WordPress FriendFeed plugin, recently released by the awesomesauce Glenn Slaven, that allows visitors to see what FriendFeed users are saying about an article, though without having to visit the FriendFeed website. This is arguably one of the best plugins to come out since FriendFeed released their API. However, Sarah noted that in the comments section, the develop, a social RSS feed reader, Nick Halstead, had some spiteful words for the promotion of the plugin:

Cannot believe that a hacked together wordpress plug-in gets coverage on RRW – when just demonstrated a system for tracking comments across the *whole* blogosphere and it does not even get a mention.

To demonstrate –

Don’t get me wrong I love FF – but is never going to replace the commenting space with its stream – we work ‘with’ API’s that already exist.

Posted by: Nick Halstead | April 1, 2008 9:15 AM

I don’t think FriendFeed is trying to replace the commenting space, Halstead. And how about you make a comment on the entire article that Sarah Perez wrote, which wasn’t even about Slaven’s plugin!

Don’t get me wrong, is doing some great things, but was that really necessary? Whether it was hacked together or not, it’s a great plugin and one that many FriendFeed users are using on their sites and were really excited to see released.

It’s bad PR for Halstead to whine for coverage and one that definitely turns me off to using when such a whiney developer is backing it. I don’t see RSSmeme developer Benjamin Golub complaining about all the great press and excitement that ReadBurner is generating! And by not doing so, Golub is making me stick with RSSmeme and not worry about ReadBurner too much. At least he’s excited about the competition.

It’s not always about what your application does, but sometimes about who’s backing the application. So to Nick Halstead I only have one thing to say:

Don’t hate Halstead, congratulate! =P

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