New Facebook Profile Gets A Refresh

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In December, I opted-in to Facebook’s new profile update. Whether we like it or not, Facebook always rolls their new ideas out regardless of what we think of them. That day has arrived with the introduction to Facebook new profile design. So what’s the all the fuss aboutt?

New Facebook Profile Changes

The New Facebook Profile is supposed to make “it even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends.” Basically, they’re expecting you to play catch-up with old friends, something very few people actually use Facebook to do.

All of your profile information has been rearranged to display your recent activity.

New Facebook Profile

In the previous design, the About Me section dominated your profile. Headlining the new profile are your answers to the age old A/S/L (age/sex/location) question, followed by tagged photos of you.

Interests and activities have taken greater priority in an attempt to strengthen current connections and make new friends.

Remember all those widgets you could place on your Facebook profile? They’re gone now. The only thing showing in the left sidebar are your friends. As you browse around, the right sidebar will start to show information that you and your friends have in common like shared groups, photos, wall posts, and even mutual friends. Occasionally, you will see some of the most popular places amongst your friends in the upper right hand corner.

Refreshing, Yet Familiar

The new Facebook profile isn’t a far cry from the old one. The information has simply been reorganized. I’m curious to see if previously prominent information will be missing all together a few months from now .

On the other hand, I can’t say I’m noticing anything new about my friends with layout. There’s no immediate value I’m getting out the new changes and I doubt I’ll see any later.

How about you? Has the new profile made a difference in what you’re seeing about your friends?

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