MyMobile Saved My Smartphone Screen

While celebrating early on New Years Eve, I happened to crack my screen on my Motorola Q. Not good a good look for anyone in this day and age. I only remember 3 phone numbers by heart and I don’t even use those numbers everyday. For days I had to navigate my phone solely off of my memory (which is still good, I’m only 20).

While browsing some Motorola Q forums such as EverythingQ, I came across a link leading to MyMobile. This program does wonders! It allows me to see my entire phone and tinker with it all from my laptop. I can open text messages, reply to them, make phone calls, type notes and more all from my laptop or from the phone itself.

I absolutely adore this program, though it’s making me procrastinate on paying Verizon $50 to get my phone fixed. =P

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