I officially received my Q on the 28th! I love it! The OS for my Treo is much better and more intuitive. Everything is right at your fingertips on the screen. As for the MS WM5 OS, it’s not as good. So many things that should be front and center are buried. There’s definitely a learning curve, however it’s not horrible and I’ve only experienced 1 lockup that I’m sure was my fault. I was attempting to do 3 things at one time with my Q and wasn’t really paying attention. Other than that, I can’t complain much (keyword being much).

1) I wish I could rearrange things in the start menu. To do this requires messing with the registry (eek!) and even from there it doesn’t let you rearrange everything (boo MS!). 2) I wish I could change the homescreen without having to learn xml. The homescreen is in .xml format and I don’t like it one bit. I’m beginning to realize that I don’t like coding as much as I used to. Xml isn’t that bad, but I know I’d have to do a bit of research, which I shouldn’t have to do for my phone. 3) I wish the backspace key wasn’t up at the top. I wish it were with the rest of the keyboard. 4) I wish I could remove the scroll wheel and back button on the side of the phone because I rarely use them.

So minus 10 brownie points for MS! Motorola did a good job with overall design of the phone. Overall, I give the phone a 7 out of 10. It does everything my Treo does (w/o touchscreen) and I’ve found way more applications for it. It’s easy to operate single-handedly. I was able to bluetooth everything over from both my Treo 650 and my Nokia 6682 with no problems! And one of the videos on my Treo that had been bluetoothed to me wouldn’t play the sound for the file. Well it plays the sound and the video flawlessly on my Q.
Also, because of this phone and its ties with Microsoft, I think I want to try out some Microsoft Live Products, particularly MSN Messenger Live. Only 1 big problem: I don’t know anyone who uses MSN and I doubt they’d want to switch from AIM. ::le sigh::

On a side note, I’ve been listening to 3 songs from Christina Aguilera’s Back 2 Basics CD nonstop; 1) F.U.S.S. (Interlude) 2) Hurt & 3) Mercy On Me. I love Hurt! Absolutely love it! It makes me want to cry. It’s just really sad. I can’t relate at all, but that’s probably how I’d feel if I were ever in such a situation. Plus the music is just beautiful. I’d listen to the song even if she wasn’t singing on it. She makes it much better to listen to though. The lyrics are on point too.
I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

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