Mashable Breathes New Life Into ReadBurner

RSS IconReadBurner, discovered by Louis Gray, happens to be one of the early players in the game of Google Reader’s Shared Items aggregators and shutdown after a short stint on the web due to the changes in the developer’s, Alexander Marktl, personal life. In the meantime, RSSmeme has done a pretty good job of picking up the slack.

Now, a change could be on the horizon as ReadBurner makes it’s way back into the game! Marktl announced on the ReadBurner blog that ReadBurner has been acquired and by some very heavy hitters: Adam Ostrow (editor in chief at Mashable), Drew Olanoff (former technology evangelist at Pluggd)  and Eric Kerr (creator of TinyLoad).

Drew and Adam contacted me last week, 1 day after I officially announced to close  ReadBurner. I got tons of mails to keep up the project and also a few requests of people who wanted to acquire ReadBurner. After some email discussions and phone calls, I decided to go with Drew, Adam and Eric because they understand and like the concept of sharing items through Google Reader as much as I do. Moreover they obviously have the skills and the resources to build compelling web products.

The best part for me: I’m not leaving ReadBurner, they asked me to stay on their board of Advisers! I think ReadBurner now has a real bright future and I’m very excited.

According to CenterNetworks:

Their first job Ostrow says is to get the service back online and improve performance and scalability. He expects to be back up and running in a couple of weeks.

Personally, I’d like to see RSSmeme developer Benjamin Golub’s response. I remember seeing a tweet or two about it being a good way to “keep him on his toes”, but Golub, how do you really feel about it? ReadBurner was (is?) your biggest competitor after all.

Head over to ReadBurner’s site to add your Google Shared Items feed if you haven’t already and check out what Mashable’s Editor in Chief has to say! Stay tuned for more updates!

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