Managing Money With Erica By Bank of America


Managing money is getting easier for Bank of America Mobile Banking customers thanks to Erica, the bank’s new virtual financial assistant for all of your banking needs. Whether you want to see purchases made in the last three months at your favorite restaurant or your account number, Erica quickly gets you the information you need to stay on top of your money.

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To access all things banking in one place, Erica lives inside of the Bank of America mobile app, making it easy to find and use.

First, you’ll need to download the Bank of America mobile app and enroll in mobile banking. Once you sign into the mobile app, tapping a red icon floating near the bottom of the app immediately brings up a chat window to talk or type requests for Erica.

Erica kicks things off with a few suggestions such as asking for your routing number or to make a payment. Below are a few features that help me get the most out of Erica.

Feature Focus: Finding Transactions

I often find myself using Erica to find transactions (past and present). Erica can search for transactions by date or a range of dates within the last 18 months. All you have to say (or type) are these magic words: “show me purchases I made on August 1st,” or “show me purchases I made from December 16 to January 6th.”

You can also ask Erica to show specific types of purchases, which I find helpful when balancing my grocery budget. I can ask Erica to show my grocery or restaurant purchases and immediately get the information I need to (ideally) make smarter and healthier decisions.

Feature Focus: Store Purchases & Refining Results

Erica can dig even deeper and help you keep track of your spending habits at a specific store or vendor. For example, you can ask Erica to show you purchases from your favorite coffee shop. When I did, I was immediately shown more purchases than I thought I made at my local coffee shop.

Erica offers an extremely useful option to refine your search results by date, account, amount and more. I used it on my results and noticed I’d spent over $50 on coffee in one month! Thanks to that reality check by Erica, I decided to give myself a more reasonable coffee budget and save money.


What I like most about using Erica is how easy it is to become more aware of my spending habits through my transaction history. I don’t have to sort through pages of data to get the information I need. Erica does it all for me. I only wish Erica could add the sum total of the all the results shown, but this doesn’t negate how good the virtual financial assistant is at taking the guesswork out of knowing where my money is going to budget more effectively.

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