Make A Mobile Version Of Your Site With MoFuse

mofuse logo I first heard about MoFuse when ReadBurner released a mobile version for their service. ReadBurner mobile utilizes MoFuse and I’m a fan of ReadBurner Mobile’s interface. So yesterday, I decided to give MoFuse a try. Here’s a look at the MoFuse service and how I came to the decision to use it for

Free Service

Making SheGeeks mobile with MoFuse was quick, easy, and most importantly (for poor college students) free! With a free account, the mobile version of your site is hosted on MoFuse so there’s no picking your own URL. Your site is formatted for the average mobile phone and the iPhone, and includes keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a list of other great features that MoFuse offers for free:

  • Track stats for your mobile site
  • Customize the look, add your logo, edit the homepage
  • Add a comment widget for mobile visitors
  • Automatically redirect visitors to the mobile version of your site (N/A Blogger)

Other Features

You can always upgrade the site to a Pro account, which gives you the first month free, ability to use your own domain name, unlimited mobile sites, monitization options and a few other minor features for only $3 per month.

MoFuse was definitely a great choice for The service is quick and easy. I love the way SheGeeks looks now, which is much better than Google’s reformatting of the site. Be sure to bookmark on your phone so that you can check SheGeeks on the go.


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