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LoveMyFlash is the newest web service to hit the market for Myspace layouts and they have done an impressive job. The layouts are all flash-based (hence the name), and gone are the days of ugly backgrounds with even uglier transparency codes attached to them. According to the site, the layouts offered are all done by professional designers and after browsing their library, I was stunned! Not only are the layouts largely different from those that are offered today, but the web service sports any interactive site (to some extent) with an interactive preview of each and every layout. It also allows you to at least tinker around with some of the CSS of the offered layout, mainly and mostly the background color. Tried it myself and followed all directions, but I could not get my profile information that I typed “above the code” to show up in the layout. So I reverted back to my previous design. After reading the comments over at Mashable, the biggest concerns about this service seems to be whether or not Myspace will block it and if it goes against Myspace’s TOS.

Speaking of which, Myspace has been on a censorship and blocking spree (please allow Imeem back on Tom!), Mashable has an article about the group Moveon, whom happens to be openly protesting Myspace and their actions (both recent and otherwise). While the article is great, what really blew me away was the comment made by Mike from Philly,

Hey Kristen,

Stop passing on propaganda as reporting. MoveOn is not part of the Internet grassroots culture. It is highly discplined, George Soros influenced, organization that uses relentless Gramscian propaganda techniques as it tries to prepare the ground for the “long march through the institutions”.

Some little twerp at MoveOn got a gold star for getting you to bite on this “story line”. They may call themselves “a political awareness and collective organization site providing resources to those interested in political action” but you don’t have to regurgitate this pablum, designed to disguise their hard core partisan malice. They are an extremist organization, using the vile techniques of discredited 20th century Marxists.

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