Louis Gray Is The Culprit

There have been quite a few tweets, discussions, and blog posts about the influx of FriendFeed friend requests and subscriptions, not to mention a host of new users joining the service. Most have asked why now? Well look no further than our very own A-list, awesomesauce, Silicon Valley blogger, Louis Gray.

On Wednesday, Louis Gray posted an awesome, though subjective, list of ‘Elite’ bloggers that are on FriendFeed. It’s now one of the hottest lists circulating the web! Since then, a few additions have been made to the list, but overall it still maintains its charm. And most who are on his list have received a lot of FriendFeed community love!

So now you know how to thank (or blame), though I’d suggest you read between the lines in this particular situation. Some things happen for a reason ;) .

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Corvida Raven

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