Live On ReadBurner Weekly and Ustream.TV

readburner live  After causing quite a commotion the past few days, you’d think I’d be taking it easy for a while. Well I’m just not that type of person. I’ll be heading to the ReadBurner Weekly Live show tonight at 10pm EST. In case you have no clue about it, the RWL show is done by the great guys from ReadBurner Drew Olanoff of DownloadSquad and Adam Ostrow of Mashable live on the TalkShoe podcasting service.

It’s going to be a great show and we hope to see you all there and if you have any questions save them for the show. If you don’t have any questions go ahead and open your text editing program and write some up and save them for the show.


Ustream.TV with Wayne Sutton

ustream You’ll also be able to catch me tonight at 8pm EST via with Wayne Sutton, a mentor of mine and great guy that everyone should be following on Twitter (@waynesutton). Wayne is an already around media maven from audio to video to social media. He knows a ton. You can check us out at this link: .

Once again there’ll be some great conversation going on there and be sure to keep save a question or two for us on


Win A Stands Beta Invite

strands beta I have two (2) twenty-two (22) Strands Beta invites in my account right now. Strands is an awesome aggregation service. It’s similar to FriendFeed but has some unique differences in the way in which it can be used. I love the user interface for it and the community is pretty active too.

So, here’s the deal. To get 1 of my 22 Strands invites, tune in to one of these shows, though preferably both to increase your chances of winning. The person with the best question wins an invite. I’ll be picking 11 winners from each show and announcing them at the end of the night. Good luck and stay tuned for a ton of live action from yours truly.

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