A Day in Life Without Twitter

twitter-bird-light-bgsDo you remember what you did on the internet before Twitter?

I honestly don’t remember much and life before Friendfeed is slowly slipping away too. Why? These tools have become deeply ingrained in my every day online routine and are spilling over into my offline routines at an alarming rate.

It’s funny to think about I was one of those users who initially resisted joining Twitter and was 100% sure that Jaiku (Google owned) would come out on top. While I don’t regret my words, I’ve definitely had to eat them.

Twitter Experiment #1: Breaking The Habit

twitter_logoNevertheless, I want to remember what life was like before Twitter. I remember using Google Reader a lot, but other than that, I don’t remember how else I received my news. So, next week Wednesday I’m going to stay off of Twitter for an entire day.

Some of you may think I’m crazy. Sarah Perez thinks I might die.

I think it’ll be a great challenge and I’m really excited about doing it. So excited in fact, that I’ll be staying off of Friendfeed too! No, I’m not smoking anything. I just think this will:

  • allow me to get through my feeds with no problem
  • help me find other methods of connecting with others
  • help me find other methods for finding great content
  • free up a lot of my time

I won’t use Twitter or Friendfeed. Initially, I thought about doing this for a week. Then I thought of how close that is to rehab and decided that a day would do just fine.

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  • Will you miss me?
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