LG Voyager Is No iPhone Killer

Verizon’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman called the Voyager an “iPhone killer”. From the brief experience I’ve had with the LG Voyage, it’s the complete opposite of an iPhone killer.

My experience can be summed up in two words: frustrating and disappointing. There are many inconsistencies with the user interface. The camera and audio quality is mediocre and the touch screen is absolutely infuriating. It requires too much friction from your finger to respond in contrast to the smooth swipes of the iPhone that make your finger feel like it’s gliding over the screen.

To put it nicely, it doesn’t compare to the iPhone at all. Not even a little bit. The smallest iPod Touch has more speed and responds faster than the LG Voyager! It took me nearly 7 tries to get the scroll to work through the touch interface.

iPhone killer? I don’t think so. However, it may gain some fans for being cheaper than the iPhone and available for Verizon customers.

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.

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