Let The Color Wars Begin!

It seems the colors wars on Twitter are taking shape and there are games for the teams to participate in.

This reminds of Harry Potter a little bit.

It looks as if teams of the Color War games on Twitter may now have an official headquarters at ColorWar2008, made by the SepiaTeam. Head over to the site to check out a more current list of teams and information about the first game challenge. Here’s what the first game is:

GAME #1: Bad Ass RoShamBo

Each team must submit a minimum of 10 throws to be eligible
Midnight EST, Monday the 24th of March
To submit YOUR throw:

  1. 1 Take a picture of yourself throwing either “rock”, “paper” or “scissors”.
  2. 2 It must be clear which of the three you are throwing.
  3. 3 You must be in your team uniform (do your best).
  4. 4 Upload your photo to Flickr and tag it like this:

    rsb:move=yourmove rsb:team=yourteam rsb:player=yourtwittername

    (for example rsb:move=rock rsb:team=blueteam rsb:player=zefrank)

  5. 5 Submit a link to the flickr photo below or at http://www.colorwars2008.com/rsb
Tuesday evening a bracket style RoShamBo tournament will be held. Best of three RSB, winner moves on… let the games begin.


Anyone can join in and I’m sure a lot more people will. The veryGreenTeam already has 900+ followers. Game #1 should also bring a huge boost of traffic to Flickr. Though this would’ve been a great opportunity for TwitPic, a web service that allows you to post pictures to Twitter, to get a significant boost, especially if team players are using the twitter client Twhirl, which has recently integrated TwitPic into it’s client. But rules are rules. May the best color win and good luck to all of you!

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