Joost Review

This will be a quick review of the software and web service Joost.

Joost is not what it’s hyped up to be. The concept is great, but their delivery is quite the opposite. I thought the channels would be interesting, but quite a few of them do not work. Even more so, the content for the ones that are working are just plain boring. They need better content (and quickly!) if they want their product to go anywhere. As of today, Joost is officially off of my computer. The uninstall process was relatively quick and easy.

I encountered no problems with Joost. Everything worked just fine, though from time to time, playback was jumpy. That was probably because of my connection though. The navigation of the software is pretty straightforward and simple and the content was definitely high quality. As aforementioned, they need better content. That’s their only way to survive. And if they don’t improve that, you can consider this service already dead.

Corvida Raven

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