It’s OK To Ignore Social Media

Question Len Gutman recently write about feeling Social Media overload. While I don’t share his feelings about being overloaded, his post caused me to wonder if maybe we’re peer pressuring our readers into joining these services.

Social Media Is Not For Everyone

I feel as if most of us aren’t understanding this. Social Media is not for everyone for one reason alone:

Not everyone wants to socialize online 24/7.

There’s literally a handful of internet users that do like to socialize online . So, when we promote these services that cater to the social niche of the web, we’re essentially badgering others to hop on the bandwagon with no regards to users who really don’t need the added distractions.

What Are Some Solutions?

Lightbulb I don’t want to stop talking about how great these services are and my experiences with them. However, I don’t want to unintentionally pressure my readers into jumping on these services also. Moderation would seem to be the best solution for bloggers.

On the same note, it’s up to the readers to make the final decision and to stop letting bloggers make it for them. It’s perfectly fine for you to read my opinions and thoughts, but don’t let ME make the decision for you. I can’t manage your social media tools for you. Don’t drown yourself in distractions and noise just because you want to participate in the latest craze.

Just Ignore Social Media

ignoreI understand that the repeated mentions of certain services tends to have an effect on most of us. That doesn’t mean you should give in. It’s OK to ignore social media and what’s being said about it. Everyone has their uses for it, and for some, it may serve absolutely no purpose. That’s perfectly fine. If it’s becoming too much for you, take a break or switch your reading habits. That’s why niche blogs exist. Find other blogs that suit what you’re looking to find out more about.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as peer pressure because you make your own decisions. You decide what’s worth your time and attention. Keyword: YOU.

Corvida Raven

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