Is Mixx the new Digg?

Today, I received an invite to the Mixx beta.

You find it; we’ll Mixx it. Use YourMixx to tailor the content categories, tags, specific users and private groups—even RSS feeds—and we’ll deliver the top-rated content as chosen by you and people who share your passions. So go ahead and whip up your own version of the web. Just tell us how you like it Mixxed and we’ll deliver the best the web has to offer—morning, noon and night.

To me, it’s just another site that’s really similar to Digg, Slashdot, and TechMeme. You find, you see, you rate – the end.

The only difference seems to be the ability to personalize want you want to see on “Your Mixx”, which is like another homepage of sorts.

Nevertheless, I dig the eye-candy and visual appeal of Mixx a lot more than Digg. So, I’ve signed up for it and posted a few stories. Has anyone else tried it out? What are your thoughts?


Corvida Raven

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