New Apps Alert: Apollo, PowerPoints and Rocker

Over at Mashable, you can find a great article on 10 cool Apollo apps. For those unfamiliar with Apollo (where have you been sweetheart?), it is Adobe’s premiere web platform that allows developers to create rich web apps. Basically, it brings the web to your desktop. I personally, don’t mind using the web right where it’s at, but for free up some tabs in Firefox, it’s very useful!

Lifehacker provides some great tips on shrinking the size of PowerPoint files. Personally, this is great. I use the new MS Office and when I use the new features, it dramatically increases the size of my PP files. I wonder if this applies to all the entire Office suite?

Another productivity app by Adam Pash from Lifehacker has created Rocker.

Rocker is a mouse navigation tool that lets you perform common tasks, like moving forward and backward in your browser, by simply rocking your fingers across your left and right mouse buttons.

Adam Pash is on a role people!

And if you are into streaming your music, Lifehacker has an excellent review on streaming your music using Orb. They even have screenshots that will take you through most of the installation and setup process.

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