HP WebCam Software Ships With A Racial Flaw, How Would You Respond?

Thanks largely to my Twitter followers, I ran across a video demoing HP’s face-tracking feature in their laptop webcams. Unlike most demos, this video had an unexpected twist which could stir up some trouble for HP in the near future. After viewing the video, I’d love to hear how you would handle a situation like this if HP were your company in the comments.


Is HP Racist?

After watching the video, if you think HP seems racist you need to watch this video first: How To Tell People They Sound Racist by Jay Smooth (@JSmooth995)



I’m not calling HP anything, but this video will definitely shed some negative light on their company. Two employees at a store show a very serious problem with HP’s face-tracking feature in its webcams: it doesn’t recognize black people. To be more accurate, it’s not recognizing the guy in the video who happens to be black. However, it immediately recognizes a white lady and tracks her movements like a baby watching its mom. Will this apply to every dark-skinned person that tries out the feature? Who knows, but the evidence in the video points to an answer that will bother a lot of people.


What would you do with a fatal flaw like this being shipped out to customers that are impacted by the flaw?

  • How would YOU handle this situation from a PR standpoint?
  • What would you do to prevent something like this from happening in the future?
  • Can you look at this as an opportunity for HP? What do you see?


Looking forward to hearing your comments and tips!

Corvida Raven

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