How To Avoid Linking Your Facebook Profile To Pages And KEEP Your Profile Information

I ran into a problem with Facebook  left a nasty taste in mouth: Facebook forcing users to linking their profiles to pages. What’s the big deal? Facebook’s privacy concerns is the big deal. What’s at stake is reputation, trust, and private networks that people are building for themselves. Elements that others don’t want available to the public much less to brand pages. So how do you avoid it?


The Consequences of Not Linking

Facebook gives you a one-time pass on initially linking to Pages, but if you still wish to pass Facebook forcse you to do so in the future by threatening to remove the following information from your profile:

  • Work and Education
  • Current City
  • Hometown
  • Likes and Interests

It’s rather interesting that Facebook doesn’t block the interactions necessary for you to continue using the site. If this information is removed, you can still keep chatting and posting away. What’s taken away is the discovery mechanisms built into Facebook. It can become a lot harder for people to find you. On one hand, this might prove to be a boost in the usage of vanity URLS (custom links for your facebook profile). On the other, it’s a catch-22 for us.


Exit Facebook

When you see the following:


exit the page immediately (tip: CTRL+W will exit a tab in Firefox and Google Chrome)! In doing so, when you return to your profile all of your information will still be in tact. That’s not to say you won’t see this pop-up again in the future. Facebook may continue to explore new ways to force you to link to Pages, so keep an eye out for any changes.

I’d love to hear how do you really feel about the actions Facebook is taking:

  • Have you thought about deleting your Facebook profile thanks to these new changes?
  • How do you feel about the latest changes?
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