Facebook Ain’t Got Nothing On nclüdr

nclüdr is "the most awesomest ultimate social network ever" that launched today after months of "development, seeding, hoeing, back-end testing, and the implementation of its revolutionary synchronization algorithms that deliver a more seamless social networking experience," according to a release issued earlier this morning.

Actually, it’s nothing more than an amusing prank site and parody of social networks.

upload photos or publish notes • get the latest news from your friends • post videos on your profile • tag your friends • use privacy settings to control who sees your info • NOT WITH nclüdr!

BUT you CAN have that warm, comfortable feeling in knowing the EVERYONE and EVERYTHING around where you live study or work is YOUR FRIEND.


The site’s interface reminds me a lot of Facebook, so I’m guessing the joke’s on them. nclüdr sets up everything for you. To sign up, simply type in your name and answer a series of questions. Submit your answers and nclüdr will work it’s magic to create your profile with a lot of hilariously false information.  Here’s a look at my profile:

For your information, I do not do one night stands. Your profile can also be regenerated and emailed to friends.


As you can see, I have 12.3 billion friends and Julius Caesar is one of them. So is my old flame Ronald MacDonald. Here’s a screenshot of some of my other friends that are pretty important:

Bet you wish you had the U.S. Constitution as your friend! Ha!


Of course, no social network is complete without some sort of application platform. What does nclüdr have? Ball Krusher (which beats SuperPoke on Facebook by a mile)!

Overall, nclüdr is a cute prank and one that I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh about. I recommend checking out the FAQ, Privacy, and Terms section for more laughs! Better yet, just click on every link at you can find for more laughs.

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