Great Quality Customer Support With Disqus

Disqus I’ve received the greatest customer support from the team of the Disqus social commenting system! Originally it started out with my emailing them about deleting one of the blog communities that I accidentally registered. Within a few hours I received a response from Jason Yan that it had been deleted, but that he’d noticed something that Steven Hodson had also pointed out to me:

I’ve also noticed that the comment count does not reflect Disqus comments on your blog, which is likely due to your templating handling the logic for the comment count instead of using the comments_popup_link() template tag, which our plugin depends on.

Can we say "WOW"!? How about "above and beyond"? "Going the extra mile"? I was going to email him back about this problem later today, but he beat me to the punch and I’m surprised beyond words.

This issue had absolutely nothing to do with why I originally emailed support nor did my problem involve him needing to really check my website. Despite this, he did a check up on my site anyway! Everything was resolved quickly and easily. I’d say this is the best customer service I’ve ever received and it’s giving me butterflies.

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