Mobile Media: Gravity Symbian Twitter Client Integrates Google Reader

Gravity logoThere’s one twitter client available on a huge mobile platform that doesn’t receive as much hype: Gravity, a popular Symbian mobile Twitter client. It can hold its own in features and design against other mobile Twitter clients, coupled with great customer support via Twitter. Now, you can add support for Google Reader to its impressive feature set.

Gravity Google Reader 2Integrating RSS In Mobile Apps

When you need your news fix, you can skip going to the web browser to open up Google Reader. Gravity makes it easy and simple to interact with your Google Reader account similar to the way you might in your web browser: by category, or with a “river of news” flow.

I’m accustomed to reading my feeds by topics/category. It helps me quickly digest a ton of information in small batches. Gravity allows you to scroll through categories just as well as articles. The interface also makes room for options such as reading content right inside of Gravity (no media supported), favorite, mark as read, and several reading options.

The Next Step

I don’t know another mobile Twitter client that has Google Reader integration. This could very well be a pioneering move for Gravity and the future of twitter clients. However, an extremely vital feature to any Google Reader user is missing from Gravity: the share option. Not to be confused with the send-to feature, a shared article is sent to your Google Reader Shared items list.

Add the share feature and Gravity will be well positioned to become the first mobile client that supports sending Google Reader items to Twitter without a bookmark or separate application.

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