Grand Effect Welcomes ParisLemon And The Last Podcast!

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Grand Effect has two (2) new and amazing bloggers in the network: MG Siegler of ParisLemon ( and Frederic of The Last Podcast ( These are two of the hottest bloggers on the web and definitely rising stars in their own right. Welcome guys!!

For more info on Grand Effect, see my post about SheGeeks joining Grand Effect!

I’m thrilled to have such awesomesauce additions added to the Grand Effect team! Just to recap, we now have six (6) awesomesauce blogs in our lineup such as SheGeeks, Sarah in Tampa, eXtra for Every Publisher, gHacks, ParisLemon, and The Last Podcast!

If you find SheGeeks relevant in any way than you’re more than likely going to love the entire Grand Effect Network, especially with our two new web celebs. Links are also available in the Grand Effect bar at the top of SheGeeks. Now go show some love please! =D


Frederic’s thoughts on joining Grand Effect

Sarah Perez’s welcome message

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