Google2GO is No Yahoo! Go

I may have unintentionally mislead my viewers yesterday with the "Google2Go for Windows Mobile Smartphones" post. After playing with the Google2Go application on my Motorola Q9m for a while, I came to the conclusion that it’s no Yahoo! Go.


Google2Go is a dead simple application: a menu over Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) sporting bookmarks to most,if not all, of Google’s mobile services. That’s it! It’s very clean and moreover very Google-ish to me. I could actually see something like it coming out of Google’s labs, though maybe with more features. Nevertheless, very different from Yahoo! Go.


Yahoo! Go

Yahoo! Go is an actual software application. As a matter of fact, it’s a suite of applications. It has it’s own interface, which is gorgeous as hell, and doesn’t rely solely on PIE to give you the information you want.

In essence, Yahoo! Go is still in a league of it’s own. Personally, Google2Go is an application. Yahoo! Go is software. Google2Go just doesn’t compete, though I still recommend it if you’re have all your mobile Google sites bookmarked; it might save you a little bit of time ;) .

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