Google Did NOT Get Second Best With Jaiku

This is my opinion on the entire Google snatching up Jaiku debacle.

I consider Jaiku to be the better of the two, regardless of the popularity. It’s better. That’s a fact and there’s no denying it.

Jaiku has a very loyal fanbase. So, Google isn’t missing out on much by avoiding Twitter. There’s too much work that still needs to be put into Twitter. The focus of the debates against Jaiku seem to be entirely on how many people are using it versus how many people are using Twitter.

Google has a very large and loyal fanbase. Because of this, I think many people are going to hop on Jaiku when it becomes publicly available again. Fewer things need to be done to Jaiku than to Twitter.

I agree with their choice, and not because I’m a Jaiku user. It’s simply the more logical choice (imo).

Corvida Raven

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