Gmail 9GB False Alarm Sort Of

There’s a nice line of whispers going around about Gmail’s storage being upped to 9GB’s! Guess they’re trying to compete with Yahoo’s unlimited storage? I don’t understand it at all really, because very few people actually use the amount of space they have now, let alone 9GB’s. I’m only using 10mb’s to be honest (0%). Let’s not fool ourselves people. I recommend checking out the comments section of the provided link up above. Why? Because upon further reading you will find out that:

Gmail and picasa and other google services will share the same storage (fore premium users) so what you see there is the 2.8Gb quota from gmail + the picasa quota + everything else… this means that you should have 9Gb avail for Picasa also;)

False news…

Google is simply now SHARING your storage space between Gmail and Picasa Web Albums – so those who are seeing additional storage in Gmail are so because they’ve upgraded their Picasa Web Albums account.

Yeah, I went and checked my account too thinking this was the next big feature from Gmail. *le sigh*

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