Get Gmail In Your Facebook Inbox

Fmail is the latest Facebook app to make it’s way through the tech pipelines. You can do just about anything that’d you do in Gmail, through this one application. Awesomesauce! However, Orli Yakuel of Go2Web2 brings up a really interesting point:

Though it seem very useful, I would be more comfortable with Fmail if it was created by Google themselves.

This is really interesting because it brings up the question: How big is the part that brand names play? To Orli and my readers I ask, do you (or would you) feel this way because of the fact that very sensitive data could be coming to you through emails and Google is very trusted with sensitive information? If the app pertained to more leisure matters, would you care as much?

Personally, if I actually got a lot of emails, I’d used the application because I’m almost always on FB. I’d just see it as a way to save tabs in Opera.

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