FriendFeed WordPress Plugin Is Here

friendfeed_logoOh yes, ladies and gents, geeks and…normal people! It’s finally here and it’s freaking awesomesauce!!!!



And yes, I needed to type it like that. This awesomesauce plugin was developed by Glenn Slaven and has officially been released for public devourment (I know that’s not a word). Keep in mind this is an early beta version. There are still kinks that may pop up, but I can personally attest that Slaven did his very best to iron out every possible kink he could find. I posted previously about the plugin in "FriendFeed API Apps Are Here" and I’ve been beta testing it for the last couple of hours. LOOOOOOVE IT!

Some of the coolest things about the plugin are: a) it’s very easy to install, b) friendfeed comments are hidden by default to avoid cluttering your comment space, but users can simply click the link and the comments will magically pop up, and c) Glenn Slaven is the awesomesauce developer of the FriendFeed WordPress plugin!

You can check out a preview in the aforementioned post or just head to the comments section of a previous article that may have a like or comment to see it in action! If you’ve installed it, leave your comments here or on FriendFeed and let me know what you think. How can it be improved? Slaven would be more than happy to hear your feedback!

This is also a huge solution to the conversation fragmentation problem that a lot of bloggers have voiced their opinions about. You can’t always have your cake and eat it to, but now I can watch who’s eating my cake elsewhere…or at least on FriendFeed and now, so can you!


FriendFeed WordPress Plugin

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