FriendFeed API Application Suggestions

Social network aggregator FriendFeed has just announced the launch of the FriendFeed API, which is a huge accomplishment that I’m sure great things are bound to come out of in the next weeks. So here’s a list of applications I’d like to see pop up.

  • Mobile Phone Application for Windows Mobile
  • FriendFeed iPhone Application
  • FriendFeed Adobe Air Application
  • More FriendFeed Blog Widgets
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Browser Plugins

I’m particularly excited to see if anyone will release an AIR application for FriendFeed. I’d love to see it implement ways to post and share and also sort through shared items by service and friends

You can head over to the FriendFeed blog or The Last Podcast for more information. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the things that spring up for the FriendFeed API as I hear about them.

Are there any applications you’d like to see?

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