FriendFeed and Disqus Are Next Generation Services

FriendFeed Adds New Services

You can now stream your Disqus comments through FriendFeed! Personally, I think this is a major step in the right direction to solving the conversation fragmentation controversy. Here’s what the developers of FriendFeed had to say:

We had a “Fix-it Day” at FriendFeed on Friday, which means we spent all our time on the top bugs and feature requests from our discussion group. You can now add these web sites to your FriendFeed:

Reply To Twitter Through FriendFeed

Not only have these new services been integrated, but you can now post replies to Twitter through FriendFeed! This is so huge because it allows for threading of comments to take place, thereby enabling users to follow conversations on Twitter a lot more efficiently than on the Twitter website itself. Another notable and new service that does this is Quotably. However, where Quotably is more of a hit or miss service for following conversations on Twitter, FriendFeed gets it right. On the downside, the threading only applies to replies that are posted on FriendFeed and not on the Twitter service itself.


FriendFeed API

FriendFeed has also launched it’s API only a day after the previous feature announcements of the implementation of new services and being able to post a reply to Twitter. I’ve already posted my list of applications that I’d like to see pop up and use the new FriendFeed API.

Disqus Approved!

Disqus If you’ve been to any of my most recent posts, you’ll notice that I’ve integrated the Disqus social commenting system into SheGeeks! Here’s why:

  • Better tracking of conversations
  • Better organization of conversations on each posts
  • Disqus has now been integrated into FriendFeed

Others are also jumping on the Disqus bandwagon! I blame it all on Steven Hodson of WinExtra for planting the Disqus seed that is spreading like a wildfire. I see Disqus as next generation commenting. Here are a few responses from my friends on FriendFeed about Disqus:

Disqus Comments

Do you know of any other next generation services, platforms, and sites? Disagree with this post? Share your thoughts in the comment section or on FriendFeed!

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