Firefox Extension: asdf-jkl

Lifehacker’s Download of the Day happens to be the  asdf-jkl firefox extension. The purpose of this extension is to show you keyboard shortcuts around your browser. For example, lifehacker mentions that to get to the address bar, the asdf-jkl gives you the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+L”. This is all fine and dandy. However, you can also access the address bar by pressing “alt+D” or the “F6” key. I witsh this extension could show you all the shortcuts, so that you can decide which is better for you. Pressing “ctrl+L” or “F6”, is a bit of a reach for me considering I use my left hand more so than my right hand when typing. Or maybe, I’m just more used to pressing “alt+D”. Still, I think they should show all the shortcuts to certain items, though one may be enough for some. The way to see the shortcuts is to simply hover your cursor over a toolbar button or UI widgets. Very neat. Very simple.

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