Finding New Friends On Twitter

I hate that my number of followers/following is so low on Twitter. I really do. Don’t ask why; I just DO! So, with nothing better to do today, I resolved to try to find and make some new friends. Here are a few things I’ve done thus far:


  • This is a really good way to find new friends, while staying within a certain circle or community, instead of making friends spread out all over Twitter. To accomplish this, on the Twitter site, I went to the people who I actively followed (notifications on) and on their page I used the ‘With Others’ tab to see who’s talking to them.
    • If you go to your Twitter page, underneath the ‘Stats’ section you’ll see ‘People’ and a search box. I hardly ever search for people on any site, so I usually use this box to search for Keywords. For example, if I want to find more people who might be interested in the website VIRB, I’d simply type in ‘VIRB’ in the search box and a list of profiles featuring the word VIRB will magically appear!

    I used have 30+ friends. Now I have 40+ friends that I’m following, even more that’s following me and all of this was accomplished in two hours. What techniques are YOU using to find (new) people on Twitter?

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