FeedDemon Made Me A Demon

FeedDemon is a well known product in the RSS section of the tech world. It’s both loved and loathed. Wanting to take a break from having to have two (2) browsers open when reading my feeds, I decided to download FeedDemon. For those that don’t know, FeedDemon is now free!

To be honest, my test drive was quite short. I downloaded the program. I installed the feeds from the OPML file provided by Google Reader (My current RSS reader). Once the feeds were saved into Feed Demon, I started the program. This is where everything went wrong. Maybe it’s my low tolerance for slow things, but FeedDemon took entirely too long to bring my feeds to me. I don’t have time for that when Google does it in mere seconds. * le sigh* Time is a huge deal breaker for me, but at least it wasn’t using a lot of my memory while moving so slow.

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