Feedalizr A Friendfeed AIR App Before Alert Thingy

As it turns out, Alert Thingy was NOT the first Friendfeed Adobe AIR application. Sorry to break your hearts!

Feedalizr, another Friendfeed Adobe AIR app, was in the space first! It was released on April 11th, beating Alert Thingy by 2 days! However, it doesn’t fair much better than Alert Thingy. There aren’t any customization options for Feedalizr nor is it even resizeable!


I can’t say I agree with the interface. Alert Thingy definitely has one up on Feedalizr in that department. However, Alert Thingy developers could learn a lot from Feedalizr’s pop-up alerts. All the alerts are displayed quickly and in small pieces (seen on the right side of image above). It’s much more fluid and less annoying than Alert Thingy.

Other than that, there’s really not much to say about the program. No comments, no likes, no further interaction. You can click links. However, according to their Friendfeed account (Feedalizr), another version of the app is coming in a few days. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Raphael Dohms for the tip off!

Hey there is also another AIR app, that actually came before the Alert Thingy, its called Feedalizr.

Its in alpha but works well, and seems lots of new stuff will be included in the coming weeks, really worth checking it out

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