Fav.or.it in Google Reader’s Territory

While reading Scoble’s feeds, I came across to an his article about the closed-beta feed reading service Fav.or.it. It’s doing things Google Reader doesn’t do such as:

comment on blogs and that it does a ton of other things that Google Reader doesn’t do (like it keeps track of your attention information and uses the APML format (it watches how long you read items, and whether you click on them, etc, to help build its ranking of items, which is also something that Google Reader doesn’t do, or if it does, doesn’t expose). Like I could use Fav.or.it to easily send items to Digg or Del.icio.us.

Sounds pretty nice right? This is probably the most interesting tech news I’ve heard in the past 2 months! I’m tied to Google Reader just like Scoble. I like going from Google Reader to Gmail to Google Analytics with no problems. The integration is beautiful. I’ve no intentions of dropping Google Reader, but I’m very much looking forward to trying out Fav.or.it (I’ve already put my name on the waiting list) and I’ll  go ahead and forward you to Scoble’s article about how he discovered Fav.or.it. Be sure to give Fav.or.it’s site a good and thorough examination!

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