Facebook Reloaded Review

The Facebook web service, has received a face lift. The new design expands all through the site, even the login page. The new design is not very drastic or even very eye catching, but it will make using the site a lot easier! The layout seems a lot less cluttered. When I logged into my account today, the first thing I noticed was a “preference” link for Facebook’s News Feed. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or avoiding facebook, their News Feed feature has been the most controversial move they’ve made to date. It caused quite a few people to leave facebook, and a few more stayed away from it all together. The News Feed is basically a documentation of just about everything anyone on your friends list has done on facebook. Personally, I hate this feature. If I can find any way to tweak this feature, I utilize it. So, I clicked the preference link and was taken to a page that has a bunch of sliders on it. You uses the sliders to control which types of “stories” you’d like to see more often and less often. Stories include events, groups, photos, notes, relationships, friends, wall posts, profiles, status, and posts. You have the option to reset the sliders back to their original settings or simply undo your last action. You can also target people on your friends list whom you may want to hear more or less about. This is a really nice feature for people who have friends that have something going on 24/7 and you’re pretty sure you can guess what they’ve posted, or that they’ve made another random “friend”. I’m noticing what may be a CSS issue with Firefox, where the entry boxes are stretching past their limits. Check the screenshot below to see what I’m referring to.


Upon trying to remove a friend, I’ve discovered that they’ve moved that particular action all the way to the bottom of the user’s profile. I liked it better under the picture of the person. When it comes to editing your profile, under the ‘Contact’ tab you have the option to make everything there available to everyone, or just available to your friends. I do believe you had to dig for privacy settings in the previous layout. Another change in editing your profile is under the ‘Picture’ tab where you have a a thumbnail version of your current photo. You can move the thumbnail around in any direction to your liking and save it. Everything else in editing your profile is the same.

Other things they’ve redesigned include the top portion of the profile page with minor link changes here and there, the inbox, the top portion of the friends page, where you can now see ‘status updates’ and ‘who’s online’, and a ‘Networks’ page has been added.

Facebook New Inbox

Facebook Friends Status Page

Facebook Network Page

Overall, I like the new design and layout. Though, I don’t see the reason for a network page, other more larger schools may find it pretty appealing. The only complaint I’ve heard so far is that Facebook sprung the design on it’s members with no warning. There was a large warning! In fact, there’s a whole group dedicated to this new design. Maybe facebook should’ve wrote it on everyone’s wall! Then no one could complain.

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