Facebook News

I don’t watch TV (unless the L word or Beauty & the Geek is on). I definitely don’t watch the news. To me, it’s the same stuff, different day. With that in mind, the media is also pretty selective of what it will & won’t show. I don’t like being lied to and that’s what I feel the media does to me.

Lately, Facebook has been my news station. I have posted more items on my Facebook profile in the past two days than I have during my entire Facebook tenure. I have learned more things about the Jena 6 case than the media could have ever provided. I have also learned of two more extremely disturbing cases: the week long raping and torture of a black woman by the name of Megan Williams by a group of 6 white people  and the attack on 13 year old Damin O’Rourke by a group of black boys. Damin is white. I’m not going into details as far as how I feel about both cases and what ties I feel the latter case has to the Jena 6, but the world is coming to an end people. The 3 aforementioned cases are just testimonies of that, imho, and it’s very clear that racism is very much alive.

I have Facebook to thank for being an awesome media outlet for me. While most media outlets are taking advantage of OJ’s latest troubles, Facebook is giving me the REAL news. Raw and uncut. So, THANK YOU FACEBOOK!

Corvida Raven

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