Dropular: Bookmarking Meets Design Yet Again

Yes, Dropular is another bookmarking service. I’m sure you’re wondering why I might be posting about it if it’s just another bookmarking service. Well, I lied. It isn’t just another bookmarking service and the community behind Dropular sees to that.

A Bookmarking Community For Design

 soundIf you’re an avid fan of design, all types of design, Dropular is just the place for you to share your favorite images and videos on the web. Dropular has a very unique community with a great eye for all types of designs. The images are astounding and the videos are amazing! Dropular is full of creative and refreshing designs around the globe. Think ffffound, vi.sualize.us, or We Heart It showcasing some of the most creative designs from the community. Yeah, that about sums up Dropular. The service itself is pretty bare-bones and not very feature oriented, so it may take some time getting used to its simplistic elements.


If you’re familiar with Suprb’s projects, then you know exactly why I enjoying perusing Dropular. Here’s a look at some great designs I came across while browsing Dropular:





Corvida Raven

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