Displaying RSS Subscriber Numbers: When Is It Beneficial?

A lot of bloggers have their number of RSS subscribers displayed somewhere on their site/blog. Usually it can be found somewhere in the header or at the top of the sidebar. Some of us see this and wonder: when is it beneficial to show your RSS subscriber stats? Should you put it up from day 1? Should you wait until you have 30 subscribers? 50? 100? 200?

I’ve read many articles that say putting them up too early, when your numbers are low, can cause readers not to subscribe. I guess they’ll see you for the unimportant person that you really are! But all jokes aside, why subscribe to someone just because their numbers are high? Does high RSS numbers somehow validate how worthy you are as a blogger?

For those that have their RSS subscriber stats on their blog, when did decide to put yours up? At what number do you think it’s beneficial for others to do the same?

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Corvida Raven

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