Discovering the LG Voyager

The announcement of the LG Voyager coming to Verizon was a huge deal!

I like the iPhone (a lot!), but I’m not willing to be locked into an expensive AT&T plan.  I purchased the Sidekick LX last week when it was released thinking it would quench my thirst for a new toy. I returned it two days ago because it wasn’t worth the money (+$366) and it didn’t compare to my Motorola Q, which I love.

Can’t get the iPhone, don’t want the LX and I’m tired of my Q. What’s a woman to do?

It seems LG has solved that problem for me by releasing the Voyager on Verizon. Awesomesauce! I love the specs, but I’m really interested in finding out if I can transfer music and photo files via Bluetooth. Let’s also hope the call quality will be superb.

I can’t wait until the reviews start rolling in. Definitely saving my money for this one. Verizon, please don’t pull any iPhone/AT&T shenanigans on customers!

Corvida Raven

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