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Rising blog directory and search engine Regator is cleaning up its look and feel for users. You might be wondering if Regator’s invite-only preview will be worth the wait. The team behind Regator has combined years of feedback to bring more dynamic information surrounding today’s top content to you. Let’s take a closer look.

INVITES: Preview Regator with the code: shegeeks

Regator Preview

 INVITES: Preview Regator with the code: shegeeks

What’s Different?

  • New Design
    Regator will soon sport a completely revamped design that makes the most of all the gems of content circulating the web. A more intuitive interface that showcases Regator’s best features will replace the currently disconnected homepage. News category tabs are much more visible, making it easier to locate the content you need to find quickly.
  • Grouped Trends
    The echo-chamber is a non-stop vortex of the same conversations from various mouthpieces. Regator is taking the nightmare out of this situation by grouping trends based on related terms. I found this to be much more useful than simply seeing popular articles all the time.
  • Graphing Trends
    Not only are the trends more useful, but Regator takes trends one step further with trend graphs. The new trends tab gives you a graph of the amount of news coverage surrounding a trend over the last 30 days and up to a year. Regator also provides links to some of the most popular blog posts about a trend and the blogs that have mentioned each trend the most. Wow!

Try The New Regator Now!

There’s a host of new enhancements such as sharing widgets (Facebook Connect, Delicious), improved search and blog profiles. Regator is clearly the tool you’ll want to be using when looking for data and conversations surrounding today’s hot trends. Don’t forget your invite! Preview Regator with the code: shegeeks.

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