Did RSSmeme Forget You?

As of yesterday, Benjamin Golub, creator of RSSmeme, has added a great new feature that I’m sure many have asked about (myself included): “You can now register your own Google Reader shared feed with RSSmeme.”

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t a feature that Golub intended to add because “RSSmeme crawls the web looking for feeds“. He also thought the registration feature was “superfluous”, albeit for a good reason; most people who asked about/for this feature had already been added into the site’s database.

So what made you add it Golub?

I used to find 100s of new feeds a day but that number has dropped significantly in the last few days (have I found you all?) so I reluctantly added a submission page.

It turns out this is actually a good way to find out if you are already in the system.  If you are unsure you can just submit your Google Reader shared feed and RSSmeme will redirect you to your page (and add you if you aren’t already there).

Logical enough. Though, I think it should’ve been added from the get go for the same reasons you’re adding it now. Better late than never they say!

Read It For Yourself [via] Benjamin Golub’s Blog

Corvida Raven

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