Developing Your Relationships On Twitter

Twitter Poll: How do you develop relationships via Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to continuously develop your relationships with your online (and possibly offline) friends.

PollYou can’t call everyone everyday, nor can you IM everyone everyday. Yet, if you’re following Twitter addicts, then you know that they’re always checking their stream every 3 minutes or so. What some people may not realize is that this is one of the most profound ways to unknowingly develop relationships via Twitter.

I personally send messages about apps that I’m using, updates on these apps, and great articles that I’ve come across. My followers usually respond with what they think about a service, ask questions, and give suggestions on various topics both relating to social media and other topics.

In doing so, I’ve been developing my relationships with my followers, all of whom I wouldn’t dare try to keep in contact with on a regular basis through the phone or via instant messaging services. Twitter actually does all of this for me. This allows my network to respond only when necessary and vice versa!

As time goes on, if you tweet regularly, people notice you and look to you for information. It’s akin to remembering a face that you always see at every party you go to, or someone that speaks at a lot of the conferences you attend. Your twitter followers also notice when you’ve been offline for a long period of time and trust me, they will be more than happy to tell you that they missed you.

Because of twitter, I don’t stress out about my contacts now. Though I have plenty in Google Talk, it’s no longer necessary for me to bother them and interrupt their schedules just to "stay in touch". They’ll see me when they see me on Twitter and I’ll do the same.

Corvida Raven

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