Deskload Review

Another neat little web service for bookmarks, Deskload, does everything different.

Deskload displays all your bookmarks on a desktop-like webpage with icons that you choose to display. You can drag bookmarks around, align them up, and basically have them look just like your own desktop. Adding bookmarks on your deskload is relatively simple from the service.

I’m using the latest of Firefox and importing my bookmarks into the service took well over 5 minutes. I wasn’t expecting that, though they do have an extension that adds the functionality of adding to deskload instead of to your FF bookmarks.

I discovered that you can change the appearance of your deskload by adding a background picture or changing the background color. Nothing spectacular here, but it’s pretty neat.

I don’t recommend it for those with millions of bookmarks because your deskload will be extremely cluttered and it does not look pretty (imho).

Corvida Raven

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