Drops Dots, Picks Up Makeover

Popular social bookmarking website has made plans to drop the dots from their name and showcase a new design for their site, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Joshua and lead designer Bernard Kerr are rolling out a new look for the service, which they previewed for a Palo Alto gathering Thursday (see below). They’re also dropping the extraneous periods from the name.

Here’s a preview of the future redesign:

Why Now?

If you type in, you’ll be automatically directed to the delicious site with the dots automatically added back to the url. Aside from the fact that it’s much easier to type without the dots, what’s the point? I’m sure the 4 million+ users of the social bookmarking service are well aware of where the dots go at this point in time. 
What do you think? Why is delicious dropping the dots?

As for the site redesign I think it’s awesomesauce! It definitely feels a lot fresher than the current site design and a lot more web 2.0-ish. Organization of your bookmarks looks like it’ll be much better to view to sort through. If this is it, I’m looking forward to using even more! Check out Mashable’s thoughts on the prospective change: Drops the Dots as Site Gets Makeover.

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