I came across Chris Finke’s article about Techcrunch’s credibility fiasco  concerning PodTech being dead. Credibility; it’s such a hard thing to keep track of. Sometimes, you just never know who to trust. However, we have already learned NOT to trust Fake Steve Jobs of all people. Perhaps, Techcrunch didn’t get the memo. Can someone send Chris’ memo to them? He’s fake for crying out loud and the majority of what he says isn’t true.

"We didn’t run it first or second or even third, I sat on it for a couple of hours. Problem was (and is) if we didn’t run it and it turned out to be true later we would have missed covering it."

This is a poor explanation from Duncan Riley. Poor man. Check your sources next time darling! Better yet, you could’ve hit up Scoble! He’s not that interested in being the first for breaking news and he’s very much apart of PodTech. VERY credible source right there and he puts all of his contact info online. There’s no excuse really, and what he stated makes that very clear. Remember to check your sources dear friends! At least they’ve changed their article and made corrections. They should send out a huge apology to PodTech for that crap!

Techcrunch’s Article (which has been edited. BOO!)

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