Your Stats Don’t Matter, But Your Conversations Do

Stats When my previous domain went down, the first thing that came to my mind were my stats. Not my content, not  my site design; I was simply worried about my stats. After about 10 seconds the worrying of the other things began to sink in. However, we all know those things can be duplicated. I can make new posts. I can get a new theme. However, my stats and backlinks…they’re stuck where they are now.

For example, I used to have an authority of 93 on Technorati. Now, I have an authority of 3. My rank was 72,941. Now, it’s 2,124,856. I’m sure this will build back up, but that could take more time than I would like to wait for.

Why Are Stats So Important Anyway?

My stats are a sign of success for me. They are a sign of growth, potential, and influence. These stats are the best stats I’ve ever had for my website and I value them to the fullest. They signify personal milestones and show that all my hard work is paying off. How would you feel if your website suddenly no longer had as much a value as it used to? I feel it’s similar to changing careers and moving from one industry to another or from one continent, state, or city, to another. What if you were only known locally, but had a great reputation in your area, then you’re suddenly forced to pick up and move elsewhere? Your rep won’t have the same value in this new town.


Then Why Did You Say That Stats Don’t Matter?

I realized that I shouldn’t care about the stats because at the end of the day, I can get those back…with time. Don’t good things come to those that are patient? What’s done is done and unfortunately, you can’t change everyone’s links or up and move your site while still maintaining your stats, like Twitter, Feedburner and Disqus allow you to do. Change what you can, accept what you can’t.  Data loss is a major issue and one that I hope to see solutions pop up for as time goes on.


Conversations Matter The Most

Conversation After all of this sunk in, I shifted my focus to something way more important: conversations. The conversations are what should matter they most because they add the majority of the value to my site. I wanted my conversations back, which is why I’m wholeheartedly thankful that Steven Hodson promoted Disqus the way he did. Otherwise, I may not have installed it and I may not have access to some very important conversations. I could get a million hits or visitors, but if no one is saying anything then what’s the point? Where’s the value in that?

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