A Quick And Easy Media Sharing Center Today the makers of, a neat  and simple online file sharing service, has just pushed out their applet.

To sum things up, is:

a package of‘s realtime action specifically designed for when you or your team needs to open a rich media chat feed in literally 2 clicks.  You still have a ton of deep customization options, but this makes it all dead simple to get right into the key functionality for live collaboration


Design Flow

The design of helps the applet live up to the 2 clicks standards. Creating a private chat was a simple as assigning a custom url for your chat and clicking “drop it.” Of course, there are additional settings, though mainly privacy settings. on Flickr

Once you’ve created your chatroom you can share files of up to 100mb, notes, and links. The chatroom also features its own voicemail and conference call numbers, even an email address, allowing you to send as much information as you want the chatroom without needing to stay within its digital walls. Other features include a firefox addon, fax receiving capabilities, a widget, and the ability to add a file from a URL instead of your computer.


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A Great Tool For Groups And Events

awesomesauce approved With plenty of ways to manage and interact with the incoming information, is definitely a tool that will stay in my collection of useful web apps for groups and events. The service plays well on mobile platforms and you can even add the chatroom to a third party client such as Adium or (possibly) GoogleTalk. Give it a try and let me know you’re thoughts. Feel free to invite me into your chat.

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